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All beats are available for leasing but NOT ALL beats are availble for exclusive purchase.

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You can also check out the exclusive page to buy exclusive beats at lower prices.

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Basic License

Mp3 + Wav
$ 24
Buy 1, Get 2 free !
  • Unlimited Streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal...)
  • Must Credit "Prod. By Mister Lazy"
  • Beat Still available for sale

Premium License

Mp3 + Wav + Trackouts
$ 49
Buy 1, Get 2 free !
  • Unlimited Streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal...)
  • Youtube Video (No Monetization)
  • Must Credit "Prod. By Mister Lazy"
  • Beat Still available for sale

Ultimate License

Mp3 + Wav + Trackouts
$ 99
Buy 1, Get 2 free !
  • Unlimited Streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal...)
  • Youtube Video (No Monetization)
  • Live Performance
  • Radio Airplay
  • Must Credit "Prod. By Mister Lazy"
  • Beat Still available for sale
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Exclusive License

Mp3 + Wav + Trackouts
From $ 299 or make an offer
  • Unlimited Streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal...)
  • Youtube Monetization
  • Live Performance
  • Radio Airplay
  • Unlimited Commercial Use
  • Pro Registration (Ascap, BMI, Sacem...)
  • Must Credit "Prod. By Mister Lazy"
  • You become the owner of the beat

"Should I buy exclusive beats ?"

Buying exclusive rights of a beat means that you become the owner of the beat.
The instrumental won’t be for sale anymore.

You have no limit for use, stream, perform or editing the song.
Publishing rights are split 50/50 between producer and writer.
This purcentage and the price can be negotiated. If the price is higher, the publishing rights will be lower.

Lease vs Exclusive beats

Why would you choose to buy exclusive beats instead of a regular lease ? With an exclusive beat you have more freedom to create, arrange and then distribute your music and then earn money from it. Limitations of leasing beats make the the leasing option great for small and free projects but if your plan is to shine in the music industry, you must consider buying exclusive beats for your next song.


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All beat purchases come with instant delivery, so if you did not receive your confirmation order and a download link after¬†your purchase, here are a couple things to check:¬†1) Verify¬†that your payment is not pending.¬†If you sent an e-check or if your payment has not been accepted, your order¬†will be sent only once¬†the transaction is complete.¬†2)Check your junk/spam mail folder.¬†Sometimes¬†the confirmation order can¬†get filtered into your junk mail. ‚Äď If you still haven‚Äôt received your order after that, please¬†contact me.

In all projects where a Mister Lazy’s beat is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats:

‚ÄúProduced by (Producer‚Äôs Full Name)‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúBeat by (Producer‚Äôs Full Name)‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúOriginal Music by (Producer‚Äôs Full Name)‚ÄĚ

All my beats available on my Beats For Sale page are sold non-exclusively, meaning they can be sold to multiple people. However, you can still buy the full exclusive rights to these beats. Prices starts at 99$, contact me for more details.

When you buy an exclusive, you have full ownership and you get a license of ownership from me. It will not be for sale anymore. You can also use it for synchronization for a movie or a video game and remix it as you want. Check out the Terms page for more details.

Tracked out¬†files or¬†trackouts¬†or¬†stems¬†are each element that was used to build the instrumental¬†(example : kick, snare, piano, bass…). Mister Lazy provides¬†tracked out¬†files for his¬†Premium, Unlimited and Exclusive licenses which means that you will be able to download a folder with each track of the song in WAV form. These tracks will be helpfull for you if you to add mix effects or some edits on the beat. Check out the¬†terms and conditions page¬†to have more details on what you can do or not.¬†Contact me¬†if you need more infos about¬†trackouts.

Discounts and deals like 1 beat + 2 free are automatic. If the discount does not apply check if you have selected the same license for both beats, of if you have not reach the limit (3 beats + 3 free max). If it sill does not apply please contact me before making your purchase so I can correct the problem.
Coupons are codes that you have to enter in the player so you can get a discount. For that, you have to click on “MENU” on the high left corner of the beat player and “Add Coupon“. Then you will see the % off applied on your basket.

If you have any doubt or question before buying beats on my website feel free to send me a message. I will answer you ASAP.


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Choose among more than 250 instrumentals and buy exclusive beats online. With 10 years of music experience, I take time to work on each beat and produce high quality instrumentals. As a recording artist, get into music licensing and beat leasing to start your music career.


Inspired by many styles of music, my catalog is very eclectic and I’m sure you will find the beat that you were looking for.  You can buy exclusive beats from various types and genres :


Trying to stay original on every instrumental, I rarely use uncleared samples and I like to ¬ę¬†not do like everyone else¬†¬Ľ. I like¬†dark style beats¬†and beat switches to add changes to the track and never sound the same.

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